We pride ourselves in having a "light" environmental footprint.  We believe  the idea of "Being Green"  is a foundational virtue, not one that can be commodified.  We reuse materials and recycle what we can at every turn. Reusable materials such as Mats and Green Runner are used much more often now then ever before.

We never and HAVE NEVER wasted water cleaning our mats. To do so and claim being green would be a lie. Instead we use practices to clean our materials that are in line with our core values.

We'll spare you the recycle symbols and "eco" friendly talk.



  • Most popular material we offer

  • Great for most hard floor surfaces

  • Made in the USA

  • We vacuum and wipe clean after every use



  • Great for carpeted floors and large staging areas

  • Used board is available. Great way to save on materials.



  • Reusable.

  • Made in the USA

  • Great for Staging areas or long runs.

  • Known as Eco Runner by many we just prefer to not call it that!



  • Protects lawns from the heavy footprint of a production.

  • Great for staging areas.

  • Gives homeowners piece of mind


  • Extra protection from Scissor Lifts and heavy machinery

  • Always in stock and available



  • Carpet Mask.

  • Corrugate (wall protection)

  • Floorliner.

  • Corner Guards

  • Bubble wrap

  • A few other things up our sleeve

  • And of course TAPE (which by the way we NEVER charge for)